Case Studies

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Cost Savings Achieved by Redesigning Sand Casting Part as Die Casting Part

A manufacturer of geothermal power units experienced problems with a sand casting part. Issues included excess material, high casting cost, high machining costs and slow production time

Aluminum Die Cast Tooling Transfer Improves Quality, Minimizes Downtime

A manufacturer was having quality and delivery problems from a supplier of die cast housings and covers made from A380 aluminum. The products included a family of castings designed to house shaft speed reducers for motorized equipment.

Rheocast Meets the Challenge to Produce a Complex Brass Counterweight

An original equipment manufacturer wanted to switch from using zinc to brass for production of die cast counterweights used in high-efficiency compressor motors for air conditioning systems.

Medical Parts Manufacturer Improves Quality by Switching to Rheocast as Supplier

A medical part manufacturer wanted to improve its product by working with a former supplier, but received limited response. The supplier’s inconsistent on-time delivery was also a concern.

Rheocast Help Reshore Manufacturing Work from Overseas to U.S.

A global security hardware and solutions company had seen rising overseas manufacturing costs in Asia. Estimates showed that within two to three years, the overseas costs would be equal to, if not greater than, domestic costs.

Rheocast’s Flexible Inventory and Purchasing Help Flow-Control Producer Manage Costs

Due to fluctuating production demands of its internal manufacturing lines, a producer of natural gas flow-control equipment needed flexible ordering and inventory management from its casting supplier.