Medical Parts Manufacturer Improves Quality by Switching to Rheocast as Supplier

Aluminum Die Cast Tooling Transfer

Problem: A medical part manufacturer wanted to improve its product by working with a former supplier, but received limited response. The supplier’s inconsistent on-time delivery was also a concern.

Solution: Rheocast collaborated with the customer to help completely redesign the part, strengthening it and building a fail-safe mechanism into the part itself. We created a system to test the part in-process during the machining cycle to ensure 100% reliability.

Cosmetics are vital for this medical part, as patients interact with it in clinical settings. Rheocast managed secondary sanding and powder coating of the part from start to finish to ensure cosmetic precision. Pivot hole location is crucial to the part’s functionality, and we worked with the customer to optimize the design, holding the hole location within +/- 0.003″ tolerance. Rheocast used rapid prototyping in designing an in-process testing fixture which helped reduce lead time by weeks. We even X-ray tested several early parts to verify solid internal characteristics.

The part has functioned extremely well in the field. Rheocast also worked with the customer to form a stocking agreement to ensure product is always available for prompt delivery when needed. Rheocast strives to create true partnerships and custom solutions for our customers to ensure their satisfaction.