Aluminum Die Cast Tooling Transfer Improves Quality, Minimizes Downtime

Aluminum Die Cast Tooling Transfer

Problem: A manufacturer was having quality and delivery problems from a supplier of die cast housings and covers made from A380 aluminum. The products included a family of castings designed to house shaft speed reducers for motorized equipment. Rising supplier costs, in addition to ongoing product shortcomings, prompted the manufacturer to consult Rheocast.

Solution: Rheocast quoted the full family of 9 castings and coordinated with the customer for a pricing plan that worked for both parties. There were six individual die cast molds. Working with the customer, Rheocast developed an implementation plan to move one tool at a time in-house, successfully preventing undesirable downtime and costs to the customer’s operation. Other results included:

  • Rheocast’s die casting machines provide larger lockup tonnage than those previously used, resulting in fewer casting defects and higher quality parts.
  • Rheocast grit-blasted the parts in-house, producing a clean, uniform finish which the customer was not previously receiving.
  • We maintain stock inventory for this customer for fast, as-needed delivery.
  • Our local facility allows prompt, in-person customer service to resolve issues if needed.

    Conclusion: Rheocast delivered quality product on time at an agreeable price for this customer.


    The Rheocast Advantage 

    Most die castings are made using nonferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, brass, copper and magnesium. High-pressure die castings offer many advantages over other manufacturing processes. Die cast components are stronger, lighter in weight and require less machining than fabricated parts. Complex and intricate shapes can be die-cast in a single homogenous piece which eliminates assemblies and welding.

    Rheocast specializes in cold chamber aluminum die casting and brass die casting. Aluminum and brass alloys produce highly repeatable, complex shapes and at very competitive prices. Each alloy category offers its own unique benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using brass and aluminum alloys for your die castings: