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Full-Service Brass and Aluminum High-Pressure Die Castings Since 1977

Founded in 1977, Rheocast Company has supplied original equipment manufacturers with high-quality brass and aluminum high-pressure die castings. We manufacture products ranging from fluid meter housings and valves to lighting fixture components and security and decorative hardware, weighing a few ounces to more than 10 pounds. OEMs count on ourfull-service support including CAD engineering, “complete in-house” tooling, tooling design and construction, CNC machining, finishing, assembly and ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems.

For American-made, cost-effective high-pressure die castings, dedicated service and dependable quality, contact the specialists – Rheocast Company — info@rheocast.com


High-Pressure Brass Die Casting

Molten Brass is injected under extreme pressure into a Hardened Tool Steel Die Cavity. This process results in very tight tolerances for use in complex, dimensionally stable, and pressure-tight castings.

High-Pressure Aluminum Die Casting

Rheocast specializes in the production of High-Pressure Aluminum Die Casting requiring high strength complex shapes.  Automation Expertise yields consistent quality and uniform production needs.

Custom Automation and Assembly

Rheocast has a full staff of engineers to assist in your every production need. Custom machining and assembly equipment can be produced in-house or in a Parent Company        Fall River Foundry – Fall River Wisconsin

ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management system encompasses all of our manufacturing and customer service programs. OEMs depend on Rheocast for excellence every day                                                   

Automation and Robotics

Rheocast leverages the Engineering and Tooling Resources of its Parent Company      Fall River Foundry – Fall River Wisconsin

Cast In-Place Technology

Cast In Place Technology can be used to cast heating elements or other types of inserts into Pressure Tight Brass Assemblies

Flexible Inventory Options

Inventory Management systems include Just in Time, KANBAN, Consignment and other methods to meet your every inventory need.

Industrialization and Prototyping

Rheocast has the capability to help you finalize your product design using actual Die-Cast parts utilizing single-cavity prototype tooling


Bronze and Aluminum Green Sand Cast Foundry



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 The Fall River Group Inc.

Rheocast Company, a Division of The Fall River Group, is located in Germantown, Wisconsin. Since 1977 we have specialized in the contract manufacture of high-pressure die castings. Our mission is to supply high quality brass and aluminum die castings and a complete line of value-added services engineered to meet or exceed our customers’ unique and demanding design criteria.



Brass & Aluminum High Pressure Die Cast

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Rheocast Company

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