Brass and Aluminum High-Pressure Die Castings and Value-Added Services

Value Engineering

Die Casting


Choose a die casting partner that engineers success into your project design.

Value Engineering
Rheocast understands that original equipment manufacturers need proven processes, high quality and reliable products. When your product design specialists collaborate with our process design specialists, we achieve success at minimum cost. That's why OEMs partner with Rheocast to incorporate value engineering into every project design.

  • Intricate Geometry
  • High-Speed Production
  • High Repeatability
  • Low "Cost per Part"
  • 3D Printing of Prototypes

As die casting engineering specialists, we also offer complete CA engineering, tooling design and construction and quality casting.

3D Printing Capability
Rheocast now has a powerful 3D printer to produce die casting models and functional prototypes in-house, directly from CAD data. The Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printer produces precise, durable 3D models, including die castings with complex geometries. The printer forms models from the bottom up by extruding layers of thermoplastics onto a removable modeling base. With this 3D technology, Rheocast can accelerate the design process, reduce development costs and cut production times for your project.