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Aluminum Die Casting

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Aluminum die castings deliver superior performance when strength, reduced weight and appearances are important

Aluminum alloy die casting produces highly repeatable, complex shapes at very competitive prices. Rheocast specializes in cold chamber machine high-pressure die casting for aluminum because of its high melting point. In cold chamber die casting, a precise amount of molten metal is fed into a 'cold chamber' where a hydraulic plunger forces the metal into a sealed die at high pressures.

Among their advantages, aluminum die cast components are:

  • Lightweight compared to brass or zinc
  • Stronger pound-for-pound than most other alloys
  • Corrosion resistant in normal environments
  • Low cost per part due to lighter weight and lower cost per pound
  • Easily polished or painted for appealing finished appearance
  • Electrically conductive

Cast-in-steel components offer additional benefits of extreme abrasion and wear-resistance.

Rheocast has the expertise you need to build the benefits of aluminum die casting into your product design. We offer CAD engineering, tooling design and construction, CNC machining, assembly, finishing and inventory management services.

Uses and properties of the aluminum alloys we die cast

Aluminum: A380
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