Yellow Brass: C85800

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 Brass Die Casting Alloys

    • Corrosion resistant, even in salt water applications
    • Brass is heat resistant, even in a burning building
    • Excellent electrical conductivity
    • Brass is pressure-tight up to 300psi
    • Easily polished or plated for attractive decorative finishes
    • Cost-effective durability


    Rheocast Company

    Specialists in Brass High

    Pressure Die Casting

    Typical uses

    Builder’s Hardware

    • Window Hardware
    • Door Hardware
    • Ornamental Hardware


    • Brush Holders
    • Meter Covers
    • Enclosures
    • Levers
    • Valve Parts
    • Corrosion Resistant Components
    • High-Strength, Thin Walled Die Castings




    • Ship Trim
    • Marine Hardware


      • Fittings
      • Flanges
      • Hexagonal Nuts